Turkey Government Scholarship applications

Turkey Government Scholarship applications

International students can apply for the Turkey Government Scholarships to study undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in Turkish universities for free.

The Turkish government is responsible for offering Turkish scholarships. It is sponsored by the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Program allowing international students to study at Turkish universities for free.

Turkey Government Scholarship applications all you need to know

This article contains detailed information about the Turkish Government Scholarship the benefits of the Burslari Scholarship in Turkey, when to apply, the value of the scholarship, the eligibility criteria for the scholarship and how to apply for the Burslari Scholarship in Turkey. The Burslari Turkey 2021 Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship program. All scholars who receive the scholarship will be able to study at the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Turkey Government Scholarship: How to find universities in my department?

No need to find any university. when you put your education detail in the online application the system will show you automatically all universities in Turkey related to your department and you can select max. 12 and min. 1 university

Is IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT/MCAT is compulsory to apply to Turkey Government Scholarship?

NO. Is not compulsory, but if you have these scores and upload them while applying, your chances to win this scholarship becomes more. Keep in mind in Turkey only TOEFL is acceptable.

What is Turkey Government Scholarship, what documents are needed, how to apply, terms and conditions for scholarship etc?

Some of the countries that are allowed for the Turkey Scholarship Program are Germany, Iceland, the United States, UAE, Pakistan, etc. There are other countries as well in the list from where the candidates can only apply for the postgraduate program. The eligibility criteria for the Turkey Government Scholarship are listed below:
The age of the candidate is one of the strict criteria that is taken into consideration.
If you want to apply for an undergraduate degree then you should not be born before January 1998.
If you want to apply for a Master’s degree then you should not be born before January 1989.
Likewise, for PhD, one should not be born before January 1983 and for the Research Program, it is January 1974.
For the application of an undergraduate degree, 70% of the marks are mandatory.
For the application of the Master and PhD. degrees, 75% of the marks are mandatory.
Medical School Programs require 90% of the marks.
If you are a citizen of Turkey or used to be its citizen previously then you cannot apply for the program.
Students studying in Turkey are not capable of Scholarships.
Selected students should show their documents when asked.

List of Documents for Turkey Government Scholarship:
Candidates for Turkey Scholarship are requested to complete all the below-listed documents at the time of the online application. It is the responsibility of the candidates to insert authentic candidature data into the system at the time of the online Turkey Scholarship Application.

Diploma or degree certificate with Grades
Associate degree or diploma
High School Certificate
Middle School Certificate
TOEFL or IELTS and GAT, GMAT GRE (Optional)
Recommendation letters
Letter of intent
Statement of purpose
research proposal by doctoral degree candidates
School, High School or University Exam Grades sheet (Latest one)
Work Experience Certifications (Optional)
Social participation and extracurricular certifications (Optional)

MBBS/BDS scholarships available or not?

Answer: Yes, but need 90% in 12th grade.

How to fill in Education Information for Turkey Government Scholarship?

Ortaokul Section: If you are applying for BSc/MBBS/BDS/MS/PhD then there is no need to fill ortaokul. This section is added only for those students who apply to Diyanet Foundation, International Imam Hatip High School Scholarships.
High School Section: Ideally, one should merge 10th and 12th grades transcripts and certificates and upload in the High school section.
Associate Degree Section: This section is for those who have a diploma of two years that may prepare students for a career or to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. Those who upload 10th and 12th details in High School Section should keep blank this Section. However, If a student uploads 10th details in High School Section and 12th details in Associate Degree Section, then there will be no issue. Uploading documents is important. YTB (Turkey scholarship council) will decide on the documents you upload to the system.

How many recommendation letters/reference letters need for the application for Turkey Government Scholarship?

Those who are applying for MS/PhD should upload two recommendation letters. Those who are applying for BSc/MBBS/BDS should upload at least one recommendation letter. After submitting the application, your referee (academic teacher, Professor, etc) will receive an email to verify the recommendation letter. The referee will not need to upload the recommendation letter again.

Should I take an acceptance from a university after being granted the Scholarships?

No, you should not. You will be placed in a university and program of your choice when you are granted the scholarship.

Is it possible to study in a language other than Turkish in Turkish universities?

In Turkish universities, the medium of instruction is generally in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programs in foreign languages such as English, French and German. The candidates who want to study in a language other than Turkish need to have an internationally recognized certificate to prove their language proficiency. The certificate should be valid and must be uploaded to the system during the application.

I can’t speak Turkish. Is this a disadvantage for me to study in Turkey?

This is not a disadvantage at all. The candidates are not required to know Turkish for the application. The Scholarships also include a Turkish language education for the candidates before they start their studies (including those who are placed in a program, whose medium of instruction is other than Turkish).

What is the age condition for the Turkey Government Scholarship?

An applicant should not be more than 21 for undergraduate. The maximum age for MS is 30, 35 for PhD and 45 for research applicants.

Can an applicant apply to the Turkey Government Scholarship with an old account?

Yes, an applicant should apply with an old account. There is no need to make a new account.

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